Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Oh divisive, is it? Bring it the fuck on

Divisive? Fucking divisive? Is that what it is?  There is not the slightest excuse for people to harass a woman who only wants to make things better for everyone.

Oh, you know what? There is not the slightest excuse for anyone to harass anyone. At all, Under any circumstances whatsoever.

Anyone who has made a horrible comment to people like Rebecca or Jen, FUCK YOU. 

Anyone who has pretended that comments like this are somehow excusable because of some footling political or semantic point, FUCK YOU.

Anyone – like me – who knew this kind of abuse was going on and didn’t do much about it, FUCK YOU.

FUCK ME. What a complete fucking wanker I am. Let’s be clear: I knew this kind of abuse was going on and aside from complaining a bit about it in a place (here) where nobody would really read about it, I didn’t do anything.

We failed Jen. We have failed Rebecca. We have failed to protect everyone who is told to keep quiet because of their sex.

This is why we need things like Atheism+. Divisive? I will not associate with anyone who makes hateful comments like these; people who excuse such comments; or people who don’t do whatever they can to stop people making such comments. 

Is that fucking divisive? It is.  And rightly so. You’re not necessarily against us if you’re not for us, but you are against us if you don’t do anything about brave people being hurt by idiots. In which case, FUCK YOU.